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Cheryl Ferris, PhD, LAT, ATC

Certified Bowenwork Practitioner

Student of Tensegrity Medicine

During high school, I was introduced to the profession of athletic training after I became injured playing sports.  My high school was lucky enough to have an athletic trainer, who cared for my injury and introduced me to the profession of athletic training.  I have been a certified/licensed athletic trainer (ATC) since 1994 (Board of Certification, PA license) and I also have a PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh.  In the past, I was an instructor in the athletic training curriculum and provided health care for various athletic teams at Waynesburg University and I was also an instructor and mentored graduate students at California University of PA in the athletic training curriculum.


Our family is also involved with JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  We organize a group to participate in the annual Walk to Cure Diabetes.  It is a cause that is close to our hearts!  

My Personal Experience with Bowenwork®

I have not learned of Bowenwork until my neighbor, a certified Bowenwork practitioner, suggested I try it for my several ailments.  First and foremost, I have been suffering on and off from “IBS” for over a decade.  GI doctors continued to run tests (blood work, stool samples, colonoscopies, and assumed I had an autoimmune disease given my family history) and found nothing, yet I still had symptoms.  Colonoscopies found nothing, and I was tired of not getting to the root of the problem. After I did my own research, I suggested I had SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) to my GI doctor who dismissed the idea.  Turns out, I did have SIBO and I am very grateful to the naturopath doctor who helped me put the pieces of the puzzle together and effectively treated me with a low FODMOP diet and other techniques.  While my gut was adjusting to the new diet, I received Bowenwork® and was amazed at how quickly my gut calmed down compared to the diet alone.  In addition to the GI issues, I had vertebral disc related issues in my cervical and lumbar spine over the years and completed months of physical therapy for them.  For the most part, I am free of those orthopedic issues, but at times I do something that re-aggravates the issues and Bowenwork® allows me to get back to normal.


Since I have learned Bowenwork® and practiced on my family, my oldest son asks for Bowenwork® every night knowing that I can’t do it every night.  He doesn’t know the science and technique behind Bowenwork® but he obviously recognizes that he feels better.    

My Personal Experience with Tensegrity Medicine

Currently participating in a Tensegrity Medicine mentorship, I am so excited to learn other methods of healing via the fascia.  I have been practicing my new skills and am excited to see the results thus far.    Stay tuned!


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